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At Daggerhart Lab, every website and web application is fueled by a group of people determined to get it right the first time.

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Our suite of services is proven to power any website or web application

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WordPress Development

Expert WordPress plugin and theme developers

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Custom Development

Custom web application development doesn’t always require a CMS

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Drupal Development

Long time Drupal developers with significant modern Drupal 8/9 experience

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Front-end Development

We write accessible mobile-ready code using modern best practices

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Back-end Development

Custom plugins, modules, and integrations are no problem for the Daggerhart Lab team

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Build a website or web application with Daggerhart Lab and reap the benefits.


The Daggerhart Lab way

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We are a true partner to our clients, collaborating with them to not only achieve their goals but to exceed them. The heart of what we do is exploring difficult problems, in hopes of offering guidance, sure reasoning, and concrete solutions. Sustainable websites, reliable support, and evolving technology combine to make Daggerhart Lab a go-to website and web application development resource.

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Daggerhart Lab will unlock your business's potential with technology.