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About Daggerhart Lab

Daggerhart Lab is a group of thoughtful, and expert developers creating websites and web applications for clients throughout the United States. Our team of diverse and seasoned Drupal, WordPress, Shopify, PHP, and JavaScript developers enjoy facing unique challenges and are never afraid to try new things. We enjoy creating unexampled solutions and firmly believe in using the right tools for the job. Sometimes that even means utilizing those tools in new ways, as we are always striving to improve our processes, project delivery, and learn new things.

Our Mission

To build a better, sustainable, and more equitable web development company

We achieve transparency through fairness, treat everyone with respect, and approach our work with thoughtful curiosity. We are excited to learn and share our success with others.

Let's Go!
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The Daggerhart Dogma

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Every member of our team embodies the core elements that make a Daggerhart Lab employee. We ensure that our talent matches or exceeds all expectations for upholding these values.

  • Work with good people and treat them well.
  • Be trustworthy and transparent.
  • Support open source technologies and communities.
  • Be honest about what we’re good at, where we could improve, and how we get there.


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Developing minds

The brainpower behind every Daggerhart Lab website

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Jonathan Daggerhart
Jonathan is a long time web developer, specializing in PHP and JS. He enjoys movies, books, and games and is a collector of hobbies and side projects.
Be Gibney
Be has worked in many facets of the media, web, and technology industries for almost 20 years. Their experience encompasses years of project management, operations, web content writing, SEO, and QA. Outside of work, it’s all about their wife, live music, their dog and getting into nature.
Rhys Jones
Rhys is a midwest transplant living in western CO. They come to project management via years of working in arts organizing, entrepreneurship, & social enterprises. When they’re not working, you can’t find them, because they’re probably deep in the mountains with their partner and/or dogs.
Dan Jaworsky
As an artist, Dan brings a user-focused mindset to creating front-end themes that truly reflect our clients personalities and missions. You can find him creating art for paintings and graphic novels in his studio or streaming his process on Twitch.
Michael Hull
Michael got into web development after having studied and taught mathematics for several years. He loves playing, writing, and recording music. After work, he is likely to be making music, practicing yoga, reading, meditating, or taking a walk in the woods.
Brittany Correll
Brittany got into web development through a coding boot camp in Brazil. Before web development, she had roles in sales, marketing, product management, and many other business hats that piqued her curiosity. She spends her free time rockhounding & playing with her 2 Great Pyrenees.
Jason Flatt
Jason has been professionally involved in the computer industry in one form or another since 1992, developing websites since about 1995 (initially as a fun toy to play with), and has been on the Drupal platform since 2003. He enjoys helping people solve their complex problems with programming & technology, and he also enjoys being outside & exploring nature, especially with his kids.
Image for Michelle Darling's bio
Michelle Darling
Michelle has been a web developer for over ten years, with expertise in accessibility and user experience. She enjoys playing music, video games, reading books, and mountains. Michelle lives with her husband Dan and their three cats - Sam, Jeff and Molly.
Our Story

The Development Of Daggerhart Lab

The start of our company came at a time when things felt very uncertain for many of us career-wise, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. In the face of this uncertainty, Jonathan Daggerhart decided to start something new with the help of fellow developers and project managers that found themselves in a similar spot. Since then, we have built a strong company that truly serves our clients and employees in the highest regard.  As we continue to take on incredible new projects and work with phenomenal new developers, we look forward to all that Daggerhart Lab will build!

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