Sweet Widget Admin UI

This plugin is my attempt at providing simple solutions for complex problems concerning the WordPress Widget admin interface.


  1. Makes the widget edit box appear as a modal pop-up on the dashboard. Truth is, it’s not a modal, it is just some JS & CSS. Unless “some JS & CSS” is all it takes to be a modal, in which case, it’s totally a modal.
  2. Makes widget forms appear in a new column in the Customizer

That’s it!


Appearance > Widgets:


Check out the project on Github and let me know what you think. Got more simple solutions to complex Widget Admin problems?

1 Thoughts


Michael Hull
May 31, 2016

Very cool! I love plugins with minimal code like this, that still manages to greatly improve some aspect of core.

P.S. It passes my personal definition of a “modal” (which is pretty broad) :)

Jonathan Daggerhart
June 2, 2016

Recently I’ve been think a lot about “zero-configuration” plugins, and hope to write more.

Your personal definition of modal is good enough for me ?


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