Will Our Tech Agency Threaten Your Job? Nope!

Learn How We Work With IT and Webmasters

The ways we work with our client’s staff to build trust are simple – we love helping people shine brighter with stronger and newer resources.

We approach our client partnerships by ensuring we understand how strong your internal teams already are, so that we’re building technology that will only make those teams stronger. If there isn’t room for improvement, then we make sure that the work we do won’t cause any difficulties with established workflows. We set out to help our clients meet their business goals through the technology we build together. From IT departments to Webmasters, staff Web Designers, and Writers et al, our goal is for all of us to come out the other side of a project with tools that make us all look good.

Our Agency Looks Good When You Thrive

There are “technologists” who you partner with and then there are “takers” who you hire. Some agencies set out to take over the technology to ensure a longer contract and a bigger paycheck. This is often done with little consideration to the actual business goals and overall company culture of the client. As a result, this can end up doing more damage than good. This approach isn’t always necessarily wrong. Sometimes this decision is made due to what a company is coming to the agency for help with.

We carve a path to mutual success differently.

Find Ways to Increase Efficiency, and Build up Internal Resources

At Daggerhart Lab, we always evaluate the client’s goals by looking at all of the details. We start by learning about their current status and how they got there. Next, we’ll discover what their internal processes look like and the goals they need to achieve. Even when, or rather especially when, a client is seeking ways to cut down on staff costs through the use of technology, we don’t see this as a way to cut back someone’s hours. Making a procedure more efficient can leave room to do other tasks and meet new goals.

In other words – technology can be utilized for accomplishing expanded goals. For example, if your company is seeking a way to automate processes that are currently manual, we’ll do so. We will also provide details on how the automated system offers new tasks and data that can be pulled. For instance, the client could access that data to create reports and presentations. Essentially, they could organize the data in a way that is still very useful to the business. The goal is always to free people up and bolster what they can offer to their company, not to replace them.

When You Make More Money, So Do We

Not only is it paramount to us that your company can thrive off of the work we have completed together, but it will help us thrive, too.

Simply put, nobody recommends working with an agency they didn’t like. If someone asks “Who made your website?” the response should be glowing. Otherwise, that’s a potential referral, or many, gone out the window. Not to mention, shrinking our client’s staff by working to replace people with technology doesn’t create the best reputation, especially if the people we were replacing were technologists themselves. That’s a pretty quick road to failure, as one of the oldest expressions out there goes – “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

We want to keep working as an agency, and we genuinely love creating technology partnerships. As a result, we’ll always put in the effort to learn about our client’s staff and internal processes to ensure we’ve got the entire picture in view.

Technologists Ready For Partnerships

If you’ve ever thought about bringing up certain aspects of the technology at your job but are nervous that doing so could threaten your work, call us. Should you be a business owner who is worried that people could lose their jobs by upgrading your technology, contact us. If you’ve discovered your company is depleting financial resources where technology could help, contact us. We will always and only ever work to help you meet your company goals without stripping out your company culture. Our agency doesn’t want that for us, and we don’t want that for you.

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